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October 1998 through Present

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Brief Description:

The Taylor County Electronic Document Archives contains Board Of County Commissioners' public documents in electronic format. Documents such as board agenda, meeting minutes, projects, plans, and contacts are made available to the public free of charge. These documents are copies (see disclaimer below) are provided for your convenience. Please feel free to search, read, and print at your leisure. If you're having difficulty finding the information you're looking for, click on the help link above.

Electronic Document Online Disclaimer

The images of documents contained on this web site are not legal official documents. Official legal documents copies are only available from the Clerk's Office located on the first floor of the Taylor County Courthouse. The BCC Online Meeting Minutes are not a complete copy of the actual meetings. Documents included in the minutes have not been included and copies of this information must be obtained from the Clerk's Office.

For additional information call 850-838-3506 ext.19